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Tampa Commuting

Not only can commuting in downtown Tampa save you money and the stress of downtown Tampa traffic, but you can do your part in combatting poor air quality. We can help you choose which commute option(s) work best for you – carpool, vanpool, bus, walk, bike or telework. Take advantage of the many free services available such as carpool partner searches, individual trip planning assistance, tax-savings tips, bike pool groups and more. The Emergency Ride Home Program covers up to 6 FREE rides home per year. It helps take the fear out of not having a car at work.

Walking or biking may actually save you time and money if you consider your commute time part of your daily exercise program. Most buildings have bike racks and lockers/showers. 

Best Workplace for Commuters

Tampa’s Downtown is a nationally recognized “Best Workplaces for Commuters District.” Our urban core was the first in Florida and only one of 16 in the country to gain this status. Downtown Tampa employees are eligible for a comprehensive commuter benefits program including subsidized vehicles, free emergency taxi rides home and reduced fare on trolleys.

These programs tend to improve a company’s bottom line while bettering quality of life issues for employees and the communities in which they live. Many companies may already qualify. The application process to become a Best Workplace for Commuters only takes a few minutes and can be done online.

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