Tampa Downtown Services and Programs

Downtown Guides

The Partnership’s Downtown Guides mission is to provide a safer, more accessible environment for people in downtown. The Guides provide for additional safety downtown by serving as the eyes and ears for the downtown community. Their “good-will ambassador” role is a vital part of the Downtown Security Network, working closely with the Tampa Police Department to observe and report suspicious activity. They also offer directions, bicycle repair, assist stranded motorists with flat tires and dead car batteries, provide restaurant suggestions and even suggest parking options. Their services are free.

The Guides patrol downtown on foot and in a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV). They receive training by some of the best organizations in the area, including Busch Gardens, Patel Conservatory, AAA, the Auto Club Group, and Tampa’s finest – The Tampa Police Department and Tampa Fire Rescue. Next time you are out and about, look for their signature pith helmets and bright yellow shirts.

Tampa’s Downtown Guides are also available for hire to assist at special events by directing attendees, distributing event information and greeting customers. To apply for assistance, please fill out the Special Event Assistance Application and/or contact Shaun Drinkard via email or at 813.221.3686 for more information.

To reach the Guides, call 813.267.2220

Downtown Guides Hours:

Monday – Friday, 7am to 8pm
Saturday – 11am to 8pm
Sunday – 7am to 4pm


Tampa’s Downtown Clean Team

The Partnership’s Downtown Clean Team provides supplemental maintenance to Tampa’s downtown sidewalks, gutters and public spaces through edging, weed eradication, and litter abatement. The team collects approximately 25 tons of debris each month, Using a structured maintenance work plan, the team also ensures that all 220 square blocks of downtown’s sidewalks and gutters located within the Special Services District are maintained at least once per quarter. Regular pressure washing is also a service of the Clean Team. The Clean Team is also available for hire to help with maintenance and clean-up at special events. Event organizers should fill out the Special Event Assistance Form, or contact Lynda Remund via email or at 813.221.3686 for more information.

To reach the Clean Team, call 813.857.8274 or 813.267.2221

Downtown Clean Team Hours:

Monday – Friday – 6am – 3pm
Saturday – 7am – 4pm
Sunday – 7am – 4pm


Business Development & Marketing

The Tampa Downtown Partnership supports the growth and vitality of the urban core through the marketing of downtown. This program promotes Downtown Tampa through the development and management of public relations campaigns, and marketing and social media strategies that effectively tell Downtown’s story. The Partnership publishes several communications pieces including the Tampa Downtown Guide Book and the Downtown Dining Guide, as well as two weekly online newsletters, Monday Morning Memo and Downtown After Hours. Additionally, the Partnership promotes downtown happenings through social media including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The program also serves to foster business recruitment and retention efforts, which are essential to downtown development. The Partnership regularly collaborates with downtown commercial leasing agents by providing them with various marketing tools such as access to collective websites, biennial market research, and the opportunity to meet with other leasing agents and potential tenants in an effort to recruit new business to downtown.

Partnership Events

The Downtown Debriefing Series features eight breakfast events annually, focusing on important development issues that impact Downtown including topics such as the Downtown Residential Experience, the importance of smart planning, sustainability, arts & culture, transportation Initiatives, City of Tampa updates and other important issues.

The Downtown Tampa Urban Excellence Awards celebrate businesses, organizations, individuals, events and projects that have made significant contributions toward creating a unique, vibrant and diverse downtown environment – and have made a lasting, positive impact on downtown Tampa. Each year an awards jury representing a cross-section of downtown constituencies selects award winners honoring the leadership, innovation, hard work, talent and community spirit.

The Annual Downtown Development Forum brings together developers, real estate professionals, property owners and those interested in the future of downtown to attend the Downtown Development Forum. The half-day event centers on the exploration of innovative ideas in urban development and serves as a catalyst for discussion and problem solving for major urban issues in downtown Tampa.


Activation Grant Program

The purpose of the Tampa Downtown Public Space Activation Grant Program is to create unique, publicly accessible activations in the public realm. The proposed projects must enhance the downtown experience via the arts and/or social good.

Activation: the act of enhancing the public realm through sensory experiences (ie: art, color, sound, food, play)

Learn more about the Activation Grant Program. Have questions? Please contact the Tampa Downtown Partnership at 813.221.3686 with any questions regarding your application.


Storefront and Sidewalk Cafe Grant Program

The purpose of the Tampa Downtown Storefront and Sidewalk Café Grant Program is to support and encourage more investment in the street level appearance and activation through storefront and sidewalk cafe improvements.

Learn more about the Storefront and Sidewalk Cafe Grant Program. Have questions? Please contact the Tampa Downtown Partnership at 813.221.3686 with any questions regarding your application.


Transportation Management Organization (TMO)

The TMO promotes commuter options, current resources and upcoming projects involving or affecting all aspects of downtown transportation. Serving as the liaison between the private and public sectors, the TMO works to better all matters relating to downtown accessibility and mobility.


Beautification, Urban Planning & Design

This program helps make downtown Tampa more inviting by beautifying green space and public areas through redevelopment projects, landscaping and urban design, and public art. The program also supports and partially funds downtown’s SSD area and various small-scale projects as needs arise, often in venture with other entities.