About Us

Tampa Downtown Partnership fosters Tampa’s vibrant and diverse multi-use downtown neighborhoods and plays a key role in creating a 24-hour urban center where people can learn, live, work and play. Programs such as our Clean and Safe team and our transportation initiatives make accessing and navigating downtown an easy and enjoyable experience. As a membership organization, we are driven to serve the downtown business community and are empowered by what each member brings to our organization. Together, we strive to improve the collective downtown community, to be an active conduit of information and resources, to promote a shared vision for Tampa’s downtown, and create and implement the plans that support that vision.

Together, we make downtown better.

Tampa Downtown Partnership serves as the steward of downtown Tampa, cultivating public and private partnerships, and encouraging downtown’s physical and economic development. As a proactive leadership organization, Tampa Downtown Partnership acts as an advocate for the downtown community.

Programs and Services

The Tampa Downtown Partnership (TDP) administers the Special Services District program through an annual contract with the City of Tampa.  Through the Special Services District program, the TDP works to promote the downtown experience through a multitude of initiatives such as marketing, business development, transportation, planning and beautification, as well as maintenance and safety with Tampa’s Downtown Guides and Clean Team. The TDP also works with numerous agencies to identify opportunities and facilitate additions to the Special Services District program.

Special Services District

Since 1994, the Special Services District (SSD) has focused on maintaining a clean and safe downtown for people to live, work and play. As the longest operating business improvement district in the state of Florida, the Special Services District encompasses 760 acres and 220 blocks.  Property owners initiated the District as an economic development tool, providing a reliable source of income to enhance the services of the Central Business District.  It is funded by an assessment on properties located within the Central Business District.  The Tampa Downtown Partnership is contracted by the City of Tampa to administer and manage operations of the SSD. Each year, the Partnership produces a brochure explaining the Special Services District. To view the current brochure in PDF format, click here.  You can request a copy of this brochure by contacting the Tampa Downtown Partnership at 813.221.3686. To learn more about each of these programs, visit the Services page. Each year, the Partnership produces a brochure explaining the Special Services District.  You may request a copy of this brochure by contacting the Tampa Downtown Partnership at 813.221.3686.


The Special Services District (SSD) Advisory Committee provides advisory guidance to the Tampa Downtown Partnership concerning the implementation and performance of the services provided within the agreement.  The Advisory Committee includes appointed representatives of property owners, restaurants, business owners, retail store, entertainment venues, residents and more. The City of Tampa (the City) authorized the creation of the SSD and is ultimately responsible for the activities thereof. The Partnership is authorized to undertake the management of the SSD through a contract with the City of Tampa.  The city has been very committed to the SSD process and is a valuable resource to the Partnership as it carries out the management of the SSD. U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) currently provides partial funding to Tampa’s Downtown Guides program through their “Good Neighbor Program”.  Through this relationship, the Partnership provides limited Guides’ services to the GSA area during weekday work hours.