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Lush parks and greenways, cozy diners, world-class museums, lively breweries and quirky boutiques—Downtown’s seven neighborhoods draw their distinct characters from these hallmarks. Discover the city’s beautiful boroughs for yourself.

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Central Park

Formerly known as “The Scrub”, Central Park is an important historic neighborhood in Tampa’s Downtown that can be traced back to just after the Civil War. Historically, this neighborhood housed Black schools, churches, a library, medical offices, barbershops, restaurants, a hotel, and movie theatres amongst a slew of other businesses. This neighborhood has been referred to as “The Harlem of the South” – legend has it, Hank Ballard’s “The Twist” was written while seeing kids dance on Central Ave.


After a series of disruptions occurred to the roadway including the construction of I-4, 1960’s urban renewal projects, and the 1967 civil rights riots, the neighborhood has been revitalized and woven into the fabric of Tampa’s Downtown ecosystem. Central Park plays a key role in recognizing Black history as a part of Tampa’s history.

Channel District

Over the last several years, Downtown Tampa’s Channel District has evolved significantly. Home to a historical industrial port, it is also activated by a busy cruise ship port which brings in a weekly influx of thousands of visitors. 


Due to its proximity, the neighborhood is self-contained and offers its residents almost all of their daily needs. The active nature of this neighborhood has created an appealing urban-relaxed atmosphere that has allowed the Channel District to become the highest concentrated residential community in Tampa’s Downtown.

Downtown Core

Downtown Core is Downtown’s central business district with a variety of  lounges, bars, and restaurants to enjoy. Because of the prevalence of skyscrapers, Downtown Core is also the best place to get the most picturesque views of Downtown, neighboring areas, and beautiful sunsets.  There is a pulse that vibrates all through this area that truly makes it the heart and soul of Downtown. 

River Arts

Located in between Tampa Heights and Water Street, Tampa’s Downtown River Arts neighborhood brings a lively and engaging artistic energy to Tampa’s Downtown. Containing some of Tampa’s oldest and iconic buildings such as the Tampa Theatre and Hotel Flor, amongst several others, the Downtown River Arts neighborhood has a rich cultural history that spans almost 100 years, and continues to survive, thrive, and evolve

Tampa Heights

While the story of Tampa Heights began in the 1880’s as Tampa’s first suburb, this neighborhood continues to tell its own story today. Tampa Heights has progressed to become a suburban utopia with beautifully lined roads, parks, coffee shops, breweries, and restaurants. 


What makes this neighborhood special, is that it truly carries the essence of a community. While other districts have skyscrapers and high-rise apartments, Tampa Heights has a more intimate and “homey” feel to it that makes the neighborhood a great place to live, work, and play.

Water Street Tampa

Water Street Tampa redefines the essence of an urban community by centering its focus on modernity, wellness & sustainability, and culture.


Since its initial development in 2017, Water Street has blossomed into a picturesque, thriving waterfront neighborhood in Tampa’s Downtown. With over 16 blocks of residential, commercial, and institutional buildings, Water Street is continuing to grow and evolve. This neighborhood is best known for its freshness and vibrance as it boasts a plethora of LED sculptures, murals, water fountains, trendy restaurants, stunning bars/lounges, and green spaces.

West Riverfront

West Riverfront is an actively emerging neighborhood in Tampa’s Downtown. This neighborhood can be characterized as the corridor of academia – it is home to the University of Tampa, Tampa Preparatory School, Howard W. Blake High School and is full of hopeful young students. 


While there is a wealth of historical significance in this neighborhood, West Riverfront is transforming into a thriving destination neighborhood that is continually gaining new residencies. Visitors, students, and residents alike can enjoy all of the amenities West Riverfront has to offer: parks, rowers, and art. Opportunity thrives here due to the neighborhood’s proximity to the Downtown Core, businesses, educational facilities, and restaurants.

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