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West Riverfront

West Riverfront

The West Riverfront neighborhood can be characterized as the corridor of academia – it is home to the University of Tampa, Tampa Preparatory School, Howard W. Blake High School and is full of hopeful young students. Not only is  West Riverfront a utopia for students, but it has also become home to many millennials looking to forge their own path independently or with a family.

While there is a wealth of historical significance in this neighborhood, West Riverfront is evolving into a thriving destination neighborhood that is continually gaining new residencies. Visitors, students, and current or prospective residents alike can enjoy all of the amenities West Riverfront has to offer: parks, rowers, and art. Opportunity thrives here due to the neighborhood’s proximity to the Downtown Core, businesses, educational facilities, and restaurants.


University of Tampa

Founded in 1931, the University of Tampa is a historic staple for the West Riverfront neighborhood, Tampa’s Downtown, and the state of Florida all together. This moderately-sized private university offers more than 200 academic programs, championship sports, community service programs, study abroad programs, and is staffed with a faculty that is passionate about their areas of expertise as well as their students. 

Tampa Preparatory School

Rooted in the vision of a religious and gender inclusive school located in an urban setting, Tampa Preparatory School brought this idea to life in 1974. Today, this 150,000 square-foot complex provides students from grades 6-12 with an unrivaled learning and training environment and an education that is innovative, forward thinking, and tailored to students’ individual needs.

Blake High School

Blake High school was originally founded as a vocational school for Tampa’s Black youth in 1956. Present day, this great school provides a rigorous college preparatory education and fiercely challenging performing and visual arts magnet program. This magnet component is comprised of Music, Vocal and Instrumental, Musical and Dramatic Theatre, Dance, Visual Arts, Television Production, and Creative Writing.

Historic Parks

Julian B. Lane Park

Julian B. Lane Park, named after former 1960’s Mayor Julian Barnes Lane, is located just north of the University of Tampa. Filled with picnic shelters, a playground, a splashpad for children, and recreational athletic facilities, this park is a paradise for local students and residents.

Plant Park

Named after transportation and hospitality tycoon Henry B. Plant, Plant Park is a 6.9-acre park located on the University of Tampa’s campus. Once a home to a hotel and a camping ground for Spanish-American War soldiers, it is presently used by University of Tampa students and visitors as a place to study, relax, exercise and more.

Arts & Events

Falk Theatre

The David Falk Theatre is located on Kennedy Boulevard just across from the University of Tampa’s main entrance. Originally, this theatre was opened in 1928 as a vaudeville/movie theatre and was later operated by Paramount Pictures Inc. in the 1940’s. Since 1962 it has been a vital piece in the fabric of the University of Tampa, and is now a fully equipped 1,000-seat theatre that is mainly used for theatrical and musical productions.

Henry B. Plant Museum

Located on University of Tampa campus grounds is the Henry B. Plant Museum. This National Historic Landmark is home  to historically significant archives, ceramics, furniture, paintings, statues, and sculptures, and  vividly reflects the opulence of America during the Gilded Age, and the vision of Henry B. Plant.

Tampa River Center

Sitting at the center of Julian B. Lane Park, the Tampa River Center is a visually stunning modern building with a minimalist design. Featuring floor to ceiling glass windows that open to a covered terrace that offers a gorgeous view of Tampa’s Downtown, this 2,880 square-foot space serves as a recreational/business event venue as well as a boathouse for local boating communities.


Diesel Fitness

This fitness center is nestled in the crux of West Riverfront and has a mission that is centered around utilizing real-time data and assessments to create fitness training programs that are individual-specific. Diesel Fitness offers several training programs including Adult Training, Athlete Training, Pro-Athlete Training, and even Remote Training.

Tampa Fitness Bootcamp

Tampa Fitness Bootcamp is a training facility staffed with some of the most qualified trainers in Tampa Bay. This facility focuses workouts on 3 major areas: muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular conditioning. Members are exposed to a variety of exercises so that the atmosphere remains fun and fresh.

Restaurants + Businesses

Bespoke Aesthetic

Discover your utmost potential by using aesthetic treatments that are tailored to your unique needs including botox, chemical peels, hair restoration, and more


All brunch lovers will get a kick out of one of the most notable eateries in Tampa's Downtown


An up-and-coming haven for elevated dining in Downtown's West Riverfront neighborhood


This hair and makeup salon's mission is to meet the needs of busy, social, and vibrant individuals and offers a variety of services

Hooch and Hive

Creatives and foodies are encouraged to come out and enjoy great food and live music

Oxford Exchange

This restaurant serves weekday breakfast and lunch, weekend brunch, and afternoon tea, where guests may be seated in an art-filled dining room with an open kitchen or the sunlit Conservatory, complete with creeping vines and a retractable glass roof. 

The Rose Bar

This Black owned restaurant is filled with tasteful delight and upscale resonance, with an immersive culinary experience and great drinks

Tori Bar

Head to this local Japanese Gastro for delicious food and craft cocktails with an Asian fusion

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