Tampa's Downtown


About the Neighborhoods

Tampa Downtown Partnership is a private, not-for-profit 501(c)(6) that fosters Tampa’s vibrant and diverse multi-use neighborhoods and plays a key role in creating a 24-hour urban center where people can learn, live, work and play.  As a membership organization, we are driven to serve the Downtown business community and are empowered by what each member brings to our organization. Together, we strive to improve the collective Downtown community, to be an active conduit of information and resources, to promote a shared vision for Tampa’s Downtown, and create and implement the projects and plans that support that vision.


The Tampa Downtown Partnership also administers the Special Services District (SSD) program through an annual contract with the City of Tampa.  The Special Services District is the longest operating business improvement district in the State of Florida.  It encompasses 1,192 acres and 337 blocks.  Since its inception in 1994, the SSD has provided services above and beyond the standard services provided by the City of Tampa.  Funding for the SSD comes from an assessment placed on non-exempt property owners within the District. These programs and services make significant improvements in the way Downtown looks and operates.


The Partnership also leads in advocacy, networking, and education related to Downtown for the Tampa Bay region, hosting numerous events and programs throughout the year. These efforts are funded by member companies and individuals with the common goal of advancing Tampa’s Downtown.


The Partnership is a member of the International Downtown Association (IDA). IDA is a professional  network of diverse place-management practitioners who transform cities into healthy and vibrant urban places.

we make downtown better.

Tampa Downtown Partnership serves as the steward of downtown Tampa, cultivating public and private partnerships, and encouraging downtown’s physical and economic development. As a proactive leadership organization, Tampa Downtown Partnership acts as an advocate for the downtown community.

Vision, Mission, And Guiding Principles

The strategic mission of Tampa Downtown Partnership is to be the steward of downtown Tampa, while cultivating effective public/private partnerships to facilitate catalytic physical and economic development.

And Services

The Tampa Downtown Partnership administers the Special Services District (SSD) program through an annual contract with the City of Tampa. Through the Special Services District program, the Partnership works to promote the Downtown experience through a multitude of initiatives such as marketing, business development, transportation, planning and beautification, as well as maintenance and safety with Tampa’s Downtown Guides and Clean Team. The Partnership also works with numerous stakeholders and organizations to identify opportunities and facilitate additions to the Special Services District program.


The Tampa Downtown Partnership also has a variety of committees  that meet throughout the year. If you are interested in joining the discussion please feel free to contact us.


The Tampa Downtown Partnership offers grant programs to eligible applicants in the Special Services District for storefront improvements, sidewalk cafes, murals, and more.


Founded in 1986, the Tampa Downtown Partnership (the Partnership) is a private, not-for-profit, 501c(6) corporation chartered under the laws of the State of Florida.