Tampa Downtown Partnership Opens Applications for Winter Village Shops at Curtis Hixon

Tampa Bay News Wire

Tampa (June 29, 2017) – Tampa Downtown Partnership invites local vendors to submit applications for the Winter Village Shops at Curtis Hixon Park for the 2017/2018 season.

Vendors can submit their applications now through August 1st 2017. Shops are leased by the season (seven week duration). Vendors accepted to participate will be notified during the last week of August 2017.

Dates of Operation:

Grand opening – November 17th

November 18th – 19th

November 24th – 26th (Shops are closed November 23rd for Thanksgiving Day)

November 30th – December 3rd

December 7th – 10th

December 14th – 17th

December 18th – 24th (Shops are closed December 25th for Christmas Day)

December 28th – 31st

January 1st – 7th

Hours of operation to be determined upon notification of lease (late August 2017). Payment is due in full by September 29, 2017 after receipt of written notice of selection to participate is received by the vendor. The total lease cost per season is $550.

The Winter Village Shops offer holiday shoppers an affordable and unique retail experience with local sellers of garments, personal products, artisan goods, and gourmet packaged foods. Thanks to the generous support of PODS Moving and Storage, each Winter Village Shop is held in a PODS container in a market-style layout. The shops are semi-permanent structures that will require interior decor by the shop owner. Shops accepted will reflect a mix of local, imported, artisan, and/or manufactured goods. Merchandise will stay securely locked in the shops ready for opening on the next business day.

For shop inquiries, contact Shaun Drinkard at

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