How To At Home: Zukku Sushi

Zukku Sushi is a restaurant located in the Heights Public Market at Armature Works, where the menu is just as creative as it is delicious. Known for its custom-made rolls, sushi burritos, and poke bowls, the restaurant believes “the rice is your canvas”. This week Zukku Sushi was kind enough to share their fan favorite California Roll recipe with us. Don’t feel like taking the time to prepare the components of this roll? No worries, Zukku Sushi has Sushi Masterpiece Kits that include everything pre-portioned so you can make multiple rolls and enjoy prepared appetizers at home. Check them out for your next date night or at home family activity! We hope you all enjoy making this tasty roll at home and visit our newsroom for more recipes from local restaurants every Wednesday.

California Roll

Avocado, Crab Mix, Cucumber

What you’ll need:
Sushi Rice – to learn how to make it, click here
Nori Sheet
Sesame Seeds
Crab Mix
Bamboo Sushi Rolling Mat
Cutting Knives

4oz Sushi Rice
Half Nori Sheet
1/4 Avocado
2oz Cucumber Slices
.5oz Masago
.5oz Sesame Seeds
2oz Crab Mix

1. Lay out your half Nori sheet and gently fan over the sushi rice
2. Sprinkle sesame seeds over the rice and then place masago in the middle of the sheet (see video example above)
3. Flip over the half Nori sheet and place it on a bamboo sushi rolling mat
4. Cut your avocado into slices and place on Nori sheet
5. Cut your cucumber into slices and add them to the ingredients on the Nori sheet
6. Add crab mix
7. Begin to roll bamboo sushi rolling mat (see technique in video example above)
8. Cut the roll in half four times