Coast Bike Share Continues Tampa Expansion

That’s So Tampa

The Coast Bike Share continues to see its popularity rise as new stations expand downtown’s fleet. With support from the Tampa Downtown Partnership, five new stations and one expanded station are set to be introduced with more stations forthcoming.

The new stations can be found at:

Laurel and Doyle Carlton NE
12th St N and Washington St
Brevard St and Kennedy Blvd E
Franklin St and Henderson Ave
N 16th St and 5th Ave

Karen Kress, Director of Planning and Transportation at Tampa Downtown Partnership, said: “The availability of the Coast bicycles in our downtown has really changed how people move between destinations. The great strides in bike infrastructure help riders make the often faster choice to bike rather than drive short trip distances. We were thrilled to have won a grant from the FL Department of Transportation to help add more hubs and bikes both on public and private property.”

Coast Bikes goes to college

In addition to the downtown expansion, Coast Bike Share officially merged with USF’s Share-A-Bull Bikes program to provide students and faculty lower-cost memberships and access to more across Tampa Bay.

With Coast’s discounted student memberships, USF students can utilize one account to unlock 100 Share-A-Bull Bikes on the Tampa campus and 600+ Coast Bike Share bikes across Tampa Bay. On campus, the program facilitates quick and easy travel to and from classes and campus events.

There are three memberships available: Student Annual ($59), Student Monthly ($7 per month), and Pay As You Go ($0.13 per minute). The Student Annual and Student Monthly memberships include 60 minutes of ride time every day.