4 Sidewalk Cafes and 1 Complex Transformed In Downtown Tampa

These days there’s a constant BUZZ about Downtown Tampa and all of the development.  Have you heard about the grants that are helping businesses with improvements, such as the Storefront and Sidewalk Cafe Grant Program?

Downtown Tampa Channel District

Grants are always something you hear about, but rarely do you see the actual successful implementation.  The Tampa Downtown Partnership has done an amazing job of getting the word out about their grant programs.  A great example is their work with businesses on improving/activating their storefronts/sidewalks.  These projects help the business continue to grow and creates an improved experience for the community – a huge win/win for all involved.  Take a look at these improvements that were done with the help of the Store and Sidewalk Cafe Grant Program.

Anise Global Gastrobar – 777 N Ashley Dr – Added umbrellas to provide shade for outdoor dining and a better visual experience for pedestrian traffic on a highly visible corner of Downtown Tampa.  Anise Global Gastrobar

The CI Group – 511 N Franklin St – Installation of an upgraded canopy to improve the overall look and feel of the storefront.
The CI Group

The Portico – 1001 N Florida Ave – Installation of awning to provide shade and a much improved appearance to the storefront.
The Portico

Holy Hog BBQ – 302 E Kennedy Blvd – Creation of a much improved outdoor dining experience and enhanced appearance at a high-traffic corner.
Holy Hog BBQ

1000 Channelside Dr – Mural

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