Storefront Grant

2021 Tampa Downtown Special Service District (SSD) Grant

Storefront and Sidewalk Cafe Grant Program


The purpose of the Tampa Downtown Storefront and Sidewalk Café Grant Program is to support and encourage more investment in the street level appearance and activation through storefront and sidewalk cafe improvements.

Award Information:

The Storefront and Sidewalk Cafe Grant program is administered on a reimbursement basis. The funds will be provided to the recipient upon the Partnership’s receipt of paid invoice copies. The maximum amount a business can receive, based on review and approval by the SSD Storefront and Sidewalk Cafe Grant Sub-Committee, is 50% of the total improvement project budget, with a maximum of $5,000 (for applicable expenses.) Funds from this program can be used for storefront or sidewalk café improvements only. Applicants should be prepared, if requested to make a presentation to the SSD Committee or Grant Sub-Committee. Awards are considered on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Approval can take up to 60 days from date of submission.

What Can the Grant Funds Be Used For:

The following projects on ground floor storefront properties qualify for the grant. The grant may be used for design, labor, materials, and/or permitting fees related to:


Applicant location must take place within the Special Services District (See Map)

Tenant or property owner of street level property may apply. Tenant application requires written approval from property owner. Project must comply with all municipal and state codes and regulations; permitting must be secured prior to grant approval. Once the project is completed, copies of fully paid receipts must be submitted to the Partnership within six months after application approval.
Preference given to targeted business types:


A. Property may not exceed the grant cap within a two year period from the time of the previous award.

B.  Application cannot be submitted after work has commenced or completed.

C.  Application must be submitted and approved prior to the procurement of goods and services described.

2021 Application

If you have any questions, please email Shaun Drinkard, Senior Director of Public Programming and Operations, or call 813.221.3686

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