Tampa is the #1 City for Bicycle Friendly Businesses

66 businesses certified by League of American Bicyclists


Tampa, Florida now ranks number one in the nation for number of Bicycle Friendly Businesses following the January 2021 awards by the League of American Bicyclists, the leading organization for bicycling advocates since 1880. There are 66 certified Bicycle Friendly Businesses (BFB) in Tampa following the awarding of nine new businesses in 2021. Six businesses renewed and improved their level of certification.


The BFB program requires businesses to support and promote cycling to their customers, employees, and the community by providing bike parking, safety education, and promotions for retail customers who arrive by bike. The program was started locally by the Platinum-certified BFB, Tampa Downtown Partnership. “It was intended to support and encourage bicycling as a mode of transportation into and around the urban core,” said Karen Kress, Director of Transportation and Planning, Tampa Downtown Partnership.


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The following local companies completed the certification process. Some merchants offer a special incentive to customers who arrive on bike. Watch for ongoing updates to this list.