How To At Home: Bamboozle Cafe

Bamboozle Cafe is one of the most popular restaurants in Tampa’s Downtown. Known for its fresh rolls and pho soups, this isn’t your ordinary Vietnamese restaurant. As founder, Lynn Pham has stated, Bamboozle Cafe’s focus is “giving the community an affordable and healthy lifestyle option” and we are ecstatic about featuring them this week as they are certainly doing that and so much more. This week Bamboozle Cafe was kind enough to share their delicious “Vietnamese Haas Avocado Smoothie” recipe with us. We hope you all enjoy making this delectable drink at home and visit our newsroom for more recipes from local restaurants every Wednesday. Cheers!

Vietnamese Haas Avocado Smoothie

What you’ll need:
Measuring Cups
Knife/tool to slice avocado
Ingredients listed below

Ingredients: Makes one 16 ounce smoothie
Half fresh haas avocado
2 oz Half & Half
1 oz Condensed milk
2 oz Simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water)
1 cup Ice
2 oz Unsweet green tea (or water)

Vegan option: Substitute half & half and condensed milk with 3 oz soy milk or almond milk.

1. Add your avocado, unsweet tea (or water), half & half, condensed milk, simple syrup and one cup of ice in to the blender
2. Blend the mixture until smooth
3. Pour the mixture into glass
4. Top with an avocado slice and fresh mint (optional)