2010 Potential Grocery Store Study

Executive Summary:

  • A strong, positive, response was received from both resident and worker Downtown groups with regard to the introduction of a new grocery store to the Downtown area.
    – Grocery retail was the top-rated category for improvement, as reported by both resident and worker respondents, followed by things to do after work, shopping retail and restaurants.
  • Current shopping patterns suggest the greatest volume of resident shopping after work, in the evening and on weekends. Workers in large part shop on their way home or during lunch breaks.
    – Both residents and workers (at lunchtime) are unwilling to travel great distance for grocery shopping; responses beyond a 10 minute distance were minimal.
  • When given a hypothetical store scenario, the “definitely likely to shop” responses by residents and workers were exceptionally high.
    – Likely to some degree responses captured the vast majority of remaining respondents.
  • Within the Downtown area, viable interest by residents and workers from the Core, Channel District, Ybor City, Harbour Island and the outside areas of Davis Island and West Bank, was expressed.
    – Harbour Island and the outside areas present the highest concentrations of affluent residents and workers.
  • The potential for structured parking was not reported as being an impediment to shopping by the vast majority of resident and worker respondents–regardless of their current home and/or work parking scenario. Structured parking was considered to be an advantage to shopping, by most respondents.
    – Free and accessible parking were more frequently mentioned concerns. Workers also emphasize their concern for losing their parking space, if distance prohibits travel by foot.
  • Market opportunity within the defined footprint of the study includes the following potential, regularly available, patrons, beyond Downtown and surrounding area residents/workers:
    – UT/HCC faculty/staff, UT/HCC commuter students, UT on-campus students, cruise passengers and cruise crewmembers.


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