Downtown Tampa Walking Tour

Discover Tampa’s past as you stroll through historic districts on this Downtown Tampa walking tour, from its humble beginnings as a 19th-century military outpost to its evolution into a bustling hub of commerce.


Meet your guide

Experience Downtown Tampa through the eyes of T.J. Chaltry, a lifelong resident turned passionate history walking tour guide. His journey into the past began with a simple visit to the Tampa Bay History Center, igniting a fervent quest for knowledge. This quest transformed downtown Tampa from familiar streets into a canvas full of historical narratives. From tales of organized crime to the fight for civil rights, Chaltry’s tours unveil the layers of history that shape the city’s identity. Join us as we explore how Chaltry’s deep connection to Tampa’s past brings its stories to life, offering both residents and visitors a chance to walk through history and discover the lesser-known gems and turbulent tales that define this city we call home.

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