Marketing and Communication

The Partnership’s communications efforts promote the Downtown, brand the experience, and engage and inform stakeholders, the community-at-large, visitors, and potential investors.

  • Website – The Partnership updates with current information on Downtown businesses, development projects, trends, destinations, parking, and a special events calendar.
  • Print Marketing – The Guidebook, Dining & Entertainment Guide, and the Special Service District Brochure are just some of the promotional materials distributed to keep people in the know. Collaborative advertisements and promotions are used to market individual Downtown businesses collectively under the Downtown brand.
  • Newsletters – “Monday Morning Memo” and “Downtown After Hours” are weekly publications disseminated for current business, development, transportation, and event news.
  • Social Media – The Partnership gets social with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, keeping the followers engaged and informed about Downtown issues and events.
  • Media Relations – The Partnership promotes newsworthy Downtown stories to the local media for airing and publication.
  • Community Relations – Partnership staff members participate in various community boards and committees, and work on collaborative initiatives with a variety of organizations.
  • Market Research – Demographic data and trends are collected and analyzed, Downtown development is tracked to help guide Tampa Downtown Partnership’s programs and to provide valuable information to community partners, stakeholders, and investors.

Marketplace Development

Marketplace development focuses on retail business recruitment and retention. This is achieved through prospective business engagement and existing business support.