april 2019

fri05apr10:30 pmThe Matrix (1999)10:30 pm Tampa Theatre, 711 North Franklin Street Tampa, FL 33602


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The Matrix came out 20 years ago, and that’s just a little reminder from Tampa Theatre that you’re an old person now, so you’re welcome for that. But wait! There’s good news too. The Matrix still holds up as both a fascinating Western evolution of a style of martial arts movies that Hong Kong action cinema and wuxia films had been exploring for decades, and a fun experiment in propelling a blockbuster action movie with, of all things, gnosticism and postmodern philosophy. Is it as deep as you thought it was in 1999? Well, no. But what is? Look, a lot has changed in 20 years. Creative works that change the whole direction of a medium almost never end up being the best examples of that direction, and the capacity for audiences to handle fairly heady, heavy themes in their entertainment media has expanded significantly.

The Matrix still has great visual effects, fun action choreography, performances that are range between competent and wonderfully scene-chewing, and awesome world-building (that they probably should have left alone; the sequels are still mostly garbage). It’s the highest grossing film ever made with a Baudrillard book in it, and nobody’s ever going to take that away. Do yourself a favor — pretend you’re seeing it for the first time. Find out how deep the rabbit hole goes with REWIND and The Matrix.


(Friday) 10:30 pm


Tampa Theatre

711 North Franklin Street Tampa, FL 33602