july 2017

wed05jultue01augArtist Afshan Kohari Solo Exhibition(july 5) 8:00 am - (august 1) 5:00 pm TECO Public Art Gallery, 702 N. Franklin St., Tampa, FL 33602


Event Details

Afshan believes art is a universal language through which a message can be portrayed to any audience in the world without being translated. Born in Jehlum, Pakistan, Afshan Kohari moved with her family to Bangladesh at a young age. There she spent 10 years surrounded by forest and mountains, within walking distance of the ocean. Sadly, in the war of 1971, she and her family were forced to leave in a rush, with only their memories. They moved to Karachi, Pakistan where she later received her bachelor’s degree in art from St. Joseph’s Convent College. Talking about her painting, Afshan says, “I want to show peace, serenity and the tranquility of nature to the world through my art as I am a peaceful person myself.  My work in art is my dialogue with God, and my work of nature is a window to God’s majestic beauty. I truly discovered my passion for art after the death of my oldest daughter. Painting on canvas felt like bandaging the wounds of my soul, and art became a way to not only express myself, but also heal myself.”


July 5 (Wednesday) 8:00 am - August 1 (Tuesday) 5:00 pm


TECO Public Art Gallery

702 N. Franklin St., Tampa, FL 33602