august 2017

fri25aug10:30 pm12:00 pmAliens (1986)10:30 pm - 12:00 pm Tampa Theatre, 711 North Franklin Street Tampa, FL 33602


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Twenty-plus years down the road, the first two Alien movies get grouped together (often under the category header “The Good Alien Movies” – Alien 3 heads, get at me). But it’s hard to overstate how much of a departure Aliens, James Cameron’s intense horror-action masterpiece, was from the Ridley Scott sci-fi thriller Alien. The internet is chock-full of Alien/Aliens thinkpieces, but this is REWIND so we’re going to get even weirder than that: Aliens is secretly a Terminator sequel.

James Cameron was still working on The Terminator when he got word that he’d been tapped to direct a sequel to 1979 surprise hit Alien. He compiled tons of rewrites on the script proposal – he has said that during production on The Terminator, he spent time thinking which parts of that movie would make “a good dry run” for Aliens. Sigourney Weaver nicknamed her reprised Ripley role “Rambolina,” as in a female Rambo, but in a lot of ways she plays a kind of extension of the Sarah Connor role from Terminator – and in fact, the Terminator 2 Sarah Connor is quite a lot like Ripley (and Newt is kind of a proto-John Connor). And of course the xenomorph is a lot like the T800 in that it famously can’t be bargained with; doesn’t feel pity, remorse or fear; and it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead. Think of Aliens as the crossing point of the two best sci-fi franchises of the last 40 years, and come watch it a new way. REWIND mostly comes out at night … mostly.


(Friday) 10:30 pm - 12:00 pm


Tampa Theatre

711 North Franklin Street Tampa, FL 33602